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Doggone pet hair ruins any outfit



Jackie I’ve got a bone to pick with my dog. Since my husband and I got Jackie the Jack Russell Terrier last summer, we’ve noticed her fur infiltrating our wardrobes. Who knew a 13-pound, short-haired dog could shed so much? (That's the perp at right.)

Jackie is the ultimate Deal Diva. She lives and eats on our dime — talk about a bargain. As for the Diva part, her preferred method of lounging is to sit on the couch. We are sooo not down with that; we’ve relegated her to the back ledge of the sofa, where she can still, um, see the TV. But somehow her little white hairs have ended up on every sofa cushion and pillow and, ergo, on our clothes. Worse, in the mornings when I lay out my clothes on the bed, she burrows herself in them while I’m in the shower. I get that she finds my scent comforting, but there’s nothing comforting about walking into work looking like a Muppet. We’ve become those people who accessorize every outfit with pet hair.

We’ve tried to fix this problem. Every weekend I bathe Jackie and my husband vacuums the couch cushions. Still, we’re constantly shooing Jackie off the furniture and picking fur off each other. Enough is enough. The other day I clipped a coupon for Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair, which costs for about $6 a pop. Divas, has anyone tried this new product? Does it work? How long does it last? Or is there a better, cheaper way to prevent all my clothes from turning into canine couture?

The bitch must be stopped.

~ Guest Deal Diva Dalia Colon

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:14pm]


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