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Don't know what to wear? Let these websites come to your rescue



How many times have you had this happen?:

You wake up, go to your closet, and freeze. What will you wear today? It's all staring you in the face, but nothing is making sense.

Will you go with a skirt or pants? Dress or suit? Sandals or flats? Oh, and didn't you hear something in the office the other day about rain?

OK, maybe it's just me. Maybe everyone else in the world has it all figured out. But I swear, even with a pretty healthy-sized wardrobe, I sometimes still draw a blank in the mornings. 

But this is 2012, ladies and gents. Why not turn to the Internet? It loves to help us with, like, everything. 

Enter guest Deal Diva Marissa Lang. You remember her, right? She taught us all about going bold with a new summer look when she chopped off her hair earlier this summer (The world agrees: it looks fabulous!). 

Anyway, Marissa and I were chatting the other day about this very topic and she introduced me to this fun site that gives you style idea based on that day's weather forecast for wherever you happen to be. 

It's called, and not only does it recommend stuff, but it also (conveniently, and completely by design I'm sure) allows you to click on the clothes and be directed to whatever website they can be bought from.

Some of the stuff is a little pricey, but it's fun for ideas. And if you don't like what they give you the first time, just click refresh or try a different location. 

Here's a look at what pieces it wanted me to consider today, for Tampa and St. Pete.



Some cute stuff, right? I don't know that I could get away with wearing a swimsuit to work, but I appreciate the thought. It is Florida, after all. 

After poking around a little bit, I found another website with a similar function. seems to be skewed toward a younger audience, but is nice because it displays a whole week at a time. Here's what it suggested for me this morning:



I don't know what's up with the knee-high tights, but....well, the hats aren't bad, right?

Moral of the story: Waste a little time today and check out these websites. I'm sure there are others like them out there. If you know of any, leave the URL in the comments so I can see, too.

Deal Diva Kameel

[Last modified: Thursday, August 2, 2012 11:25am]


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