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Emmy red carpet fashion recapalooza! Don Draper! Glee! Crab rangoon!



How was your amateur fashion policing Sunday? Ours was filled with gross sweatpants, peeling makeup, crab rangoon, Diet Coke, lots of jealousy, harsh judging and laughing. Just as it should be.

If you missed our live Twitter feed @dealdivas, fear not. Fresh from the comfort of the couch, here are the Deal Divas' highfalutin red carpet fashion trend observations from the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards.

Navy blue

The color always calls to mind 1984 -- navy blue Leggs sheer pantyhose, navy blue skirt suit, navy blue pumps. Angela Channing at the Falcon Crest Winery, if you will. But in truth, it's a beautiful shade, a juicy alternative to black. It's rich and bold, while maintaining black's skinny power -- helpful in case you, say, ate three crab rangoons the night before your event. Modern Family's Julie Bowen and Glee's Jayma Mays opted for the hue.

Glee's Lea Michele also wore a stunning navy gown by Oscar de la Renta. I love everything about her look, minus the stringy tresses. Her hairline is suspiciously high. I have no proof, but it's mighty similar to a wig I once wore in a community theater production of Pippin. She's got magic to do, just for you.


Padma Lakshmi, whose show Top Chef won for best reality series, took notes from Lea on both color -- here she is in Carolina Herrera -- and tonsorial art. I know she's sexy and all, but her hair is verging on Jodie Foster in Nell.


One shoulder

I almost threw a fistful of beef chow fun at the screen when I saw Glee's Jane Lynch in a one-shoulder taffeta number by Ali Rahimi. I wore the same dress in a wedding five years ago, complete with the brooch, except mine was from David's Bridal and probably cost a few paychecks less. Also, I'm sure Jane's dressing room lighting was significantly better.


The one-shoulder look, like its timeless cousin leopard print, never really goes away. But this year, we couldn't get away from it -- take Edie Falco, Cheryl Hines, Emily Blunt, Emily Deschanel. More evidence: Dexter's Julie Benz. Seeing her made all my unresolved Dexter season finale grief rise back up like a phoenix. After placing a hex on John Lithgow, I finally got around to noticing her white, one-shoulder Pamella Roland number. She's pretty and classic, ready for a summer gala in the Hamptons. Her skin is amazing. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE US, RITA MORGAN?



A handful of clever stars finally figured something out -- it's hellblazes hot in August. Geniuses Kim Kardashian and Lauren Graham busted out the Greek Goddess look, perfect for combating pit stains with its airy use of white organza. Here's Glee's Amber Riley, looking divine as Aphrodite on an air-conditioned cirrus cloud.


The best Greek nod came from Damages actor Rose Byrne, who wore a gold-embellished Gucci confection. The structure is bold and unusual, just edgy enough without entering Bjork World, Land of No Return. Her hair, though? It's really a shame she decided to roll Vegas-style out the limo's sun roof on the way there.


Mr. Tux half-price prom special

Did anyone else notice that the guys looked kind of... darling? Not in a good way. In a patronizing, cheek-pinching kind of way. Like, "Mom thinks I'm spending the night at Josh's after prom, but I'm totes going to the Radisson to power-chug cranberry and vodka." Weak, is what I'm saying.

Artie (Kevin McHale, but who actually calls him that?) from Glee wore a mimosa bow tie stolen from a caterer. Pass the stuffed mushrooms, please?


Neil Patrick Harris almost pulled off this gray tuxedo, like the Colts almost pulled off a Super Bowl win this year (almost doesn't cut it!). But the lapel is playing eye-games, and the tie needs a sandwich. He is almost adorable enough to make up for these nitpicks (but see above re: use of "almost").


The one who really stabbed the world's women through the heart was John Krasinski. Few people are more handsome and effortlessly suave than beloved Jim from The Office. And yet he chose to RUIN ALL THAT with a WEENIE LITTLE SILVER BOW TIE. Even Emily Blunt looks all, "I knew it. This tie was a terrible choice. He's like a grammar school boys' choir."


There was one man who rose above. A man with the panache to make a bow tie look masculine. A man who might rip off said bow tie and use it to bandage the plumbing leak under your sink, while never spilling his martini. Mr. Draper, we applaud you.


Deal Diva Stephanie

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