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Europe goes ga-ga over Michelle Obama dress collection




How will Michelle Obama dress for dinner? To bequeath an iPod to the queen? To walk down the freakin' steps on Air Force One at the airport?

London's going bonkers. Not because the leaders of the world's top economies are there to gab about this nasty business of the worst global recession since the Really Bad One. The real parlor game? Michelle Obama dress reviews.

The low-down: Michelle Obama is the new Angelina, relegating Carla Bruni, that former model who married the French prime minister, to lowly girl next door status. (But we still love Jen too!)

Brit's Guardian breathlessly reports... "Carla who? She hadn't even set foot on the plane yet, and Mrs. O has all but obliterated last year's Carlamania from the fashion history books with an outfit that draws a direct bloodline between her look and the wardrobe with which Jackie Kennedy wowed Europe in 1961..."

For real? Before she even got on the plane?

Props to a Michelle Obama dress collection that hasn't hit a bad note yet. Let's hope she and the hubby make as much headway with the other reason they're in London. My bank account needs the help, so I can go shopping for Michelle Obama dress knock-offs.

Oh, and bless the Queen! And the safe-but-fresh outfit, below, Michelle Obama wore to meet her.


~ Deal Diva Letitia

(Photos: AP, Getty Images)

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:14pm]


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