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Eva Longoria and Tony Parker pitch London Fog designs



Longoria2 So here it is 2:30-ish on Hump-day and I'm fading fast, right?

I'm begging anyone in arm's reach for a dose of sugar or caffeine just to help me make it through the day and then my e-mail inbox ringy-thing goes off.

Ah ... yet another e-mail from yet another fashion publicist. Back to my coma, I think.

But wait ...

This one is about Eva Longoria and her beau NBA baller Tony Parker. Okay .... And their limbs are draped all over each other with little more than heavy coats and pocketbooks separating them. Okay ... And all this is in the name of London Fog.  

Hold up?

Is this the same London Fog coat brand that my grandmother used to buy for me. And which much to my chagrin often looked like a coat a 60-year-old crossing guard (my grandmother's profession as a matter of fact) would wear; yet I was only 12 and wanted nothing more than a Triple Fat Goose.

Sigh. Looking back, those coats did keep me warm even if they weren't the most stylish. In short London Fog was always way more about quality than style ... in other words a poor man's Burberry.

Yet, it seems that the style portion may be changing with the help of Longoria and Parker - the new spokescouple for the brand. I'm not a huge fan of these two. I mean, Eva is cute, but that Tony Parker always seemed like a French Frankenstein to me.

But the coats are cute. Peep Eva in this cute puff-trench below. Where was she when I was 12?!


(Eva Longoria for London Fog)

Their campaign launches in December ... when the new fashionable line of London Fog will be available at Macy's.

Deal Diva Nicole

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