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To fake or not to fake?



louisvuitton.jpegWould you steal a Louis Vuitton handbag from the store at International Plaza? Would you buy a fake  from a street vendor?

Outrage over copycats is not new to the fashion industry, but now protections for original designs may be on the way. The New York Times reports that designers are rallying behind a bill in Congress that would provide three years of "very limited intellectual property protection to the most original design."

What does that mean? It's hard to know, but apparently the bar is set pretty high. Forever 21 likely could still rip off the dress that Anne Hathaway wears to the Oscars, the NYT writes. But a truly original design, such as never-before-seen cut, would be protected.

What isn't considered unique? Color, pattern and a "graphic element," the article notes. So is my knock-off Coach bag safe?

This proposal would protect all things fashion -- including bags, belts and even sunglasses. Is it only fair to the designers? Or cruel punishment to those of us who can't afford their insane prices?

Deal Diva Letitia

(Photo: Is it real or fake? This is a $150 tote that "pays homage to the history and heritage of Louis Vuitton travel goods" by The real deal costs $650.)

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