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Fashion cramp? Better ask Nina



You know those days when you're standing in front of your closet, trying on everything and hating everything and feeling like the whole world is crashing down?

"What should I wear!?!?!?"

Maybe you just throw on a romper and call it a day (jk!), or perhaps you turn to your favorite LBD to save you. But on those very important days, when an outfit choice might get you the job or the guy or -- weirdly enough -- the baby, you need to be prepared.

Enter Nina Garcia.

nina.jpgThe oh-so-stylish judge of Project Runway recently published her own guide to fashion, called "Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion." And when she says every occasion, she means it. Girlfriend's got advice on anything from a day of errands to meeting a potential surrogate father for your child. (For real?)

While I rolled my eyes at a few of the suggestions (For a Netflix night in, Nina wants me to "slip on a silk robe over silk pajamas or maybe a sumptious silk caftan." Yeah, okay.), others were right on point.

For a job interview, Nina says there's nothing better than a polished suit, including a jacket. That sounds scary in Florida, but she's right in her explanation: "A jacket says poise and maturity.... a jacket may feel unfomfortable but it looks cool, calm and collected." This diva concurs.

And with October around the corner, follow Nina's rules for Halloween at the office: Don't dress up as a coworker, don't wear anything that fully masks your face, don't wear if if you wouldn't wear it around children and "Just, please, resist the urge to be a cat." Plus, there's this nugget of wisdom: "Most employes, frankly, don't want to see what their boss looks like in drag. And vice versa." True.

Heading to a therapy session? Nina says don't distract by wearing "a hideous blue jacket with shoulder pads" or "a beret at a rakish angle." Obv.

Planning to dump your boyfriend? "Choose something dark, perhaps steely gray, to match your resolve." But remember, "don't let the crisis factor become an excuse for looking less than perfect." Naturally.

But my favorite advice of all is Nina's take on what to wear out dancing: "Confidence with a capital C."

Props, Nina.

Deal Diva Kim

[Last modified: Thursday, September 16, 2010 9:37am]


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