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Fashion inspiration doesn't have to come from magazines



Lots of times, we look to fashion glossies for clues about the latest runway trends. We shell out our hard-earned dollars to see what the celebs are wearing and where we might find some worthy knock-offs.

But if you'd rather spend your fashion magazine money on actual fashion, consider all the free sources of inspiration that are everywhere around us (think The Sartoralist) -- and sometimes just a cubicle away.

I learned how to style scarves by mimicking my younger sisters. I got an education in makeup from my BFFs.

And twice in the past week, I've worn outfits inspired by well-dressed ladies in my office. One day, I spied a colleague wearing all black. That may seem kind of obvious, but it gave me the idea of donning a neutral palette from head to toe that really made my purple print scarf pop.

I had avoided wearing tights all winter because I didn't have the boots I thought I needed to pull them off. Then I saw Deal Diva Letitia pair patterned black tights with black flats. Totally cute! And totally screaming, "Copy me!"

You know the old saying about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery? When it comes to clothing, we all do that to some degree. I'm not proposing that you run out and buy your colleague's exact same wardrobe (though a copycat outfit can make for some office hilarity), but don't overlook the possibility than your lunch mate might also be a fashion muse.

Deal Diva Colleen

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