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Fashion Week starts today! The crazies are out!



Jlo and posh Excellent news! You know how you like to point and laugh at the ridiculous things people wear? You know how it makes you feel better to scoff at high fashion because, uh, you're a broke disaster? You know how you consider yourself a mature, educated person comfortable with the human form, but you still devolve into giggles anytime you see a model's nipple through a sheer top?

You're in luck! It's FASHION WEEK!

That's right. Starting today, the world gets a whole week of outrageous goodness direct from the runways of New York. If you are so inclined to follow the nitty gritty, you can follow the whole schedule of events here. If you're more of a shout from the bleachers, get up in the middle of the play to grab a booze refill gal (like us), just check back to Deal Divas like always for some high (and low) lights from the week.

Will Posh stab J.Lo with a stiletto? Will Mischa Barton finally come to blows with her stylist for putting her in all those bowler hats and shorts? Will Dakota Fanning come of age in the front row at Marc Jacobs?

Let the biscuit tin of crazy commence!

Fashion stumble 

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: AP

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:19pm]


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