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Fashionable, feet-friendly shoes are hard to find



Tatianna ankle strap Last week at my annual physical, my doctor told me that my Steve Madden silver flats weren't wide enough for my feet. She said without more support, my bunions would get worse and my toes would curl.


This must have been karma talking, because that same day I had flaunted the advice of feet doctors on the general topic of what shoes are good for your feet. (Note: Most of our cute little flip-flops don't make the cut.)

Of course, I know the experts are right. But this topic continually frustrates me. Orthopedically ideal shoes tend to be expensive or ugly. I want to keep my feet healthy, but I don't want to forgo style in the process.

One reader implored me to check out Chaco sandals. I haven't tried any on yet, but at first glance they look, um, a bit outdoorsy for my taste.

Anyone else out there have some comfy yet chic brands to recommend? My feet will thank you.

Deal Diva Colleen

(Photo: Here is one of the least-ugly sandals I found at Kill me now. The shoes at this site -- where they even have a special "bunion shoes" section!!! -- are even worse.)

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