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Cutematernityclothes736697 It was one of those things you hate to hear. The dreaded two words that will forever stick to me like a double stack of buckwheat pancakes: maternity capris.

The terror.

I was on the phone with my mother-in-law  complaining about how I was now walking around with my pants unbuttoned to make way for my growing bump. She pleaded with me to buy a pair. I refused. Nope. no. no can do.

In case you didn't know, this Deal Diva is expecting a little one this Winter and right about now nothing in my closet seems to fit. I struggle to make my pre-pregnancy size 6 stuff work but it's getting to the point where during my evening commute I'm seriously contemplating stopping at Publix and asking the first produce guy I can find for a potato sack. I think to myself: "If I walk in wearing only my underwear and trouser socks he's sure to give me one, right?"

Ahhhh, the relief.

I pride myself on being able to work a wardrobe. But there's nothing to work when your stomach is an ever expanding basketball. And to top things off I just can't get with the maternity clothes thing. Everytime I go into one of the stores I think "This is the end." I have turned the corner to forever frump.

And yet I know there are women who have worked this pregnancy for all the style it's worth. A few of them are my friends. Still I decided to call in the big-guns for help.

Kathryn1 Kathryn McRitchie is the fashion editor of Fit Pregnancy, basically Vogue for pregnant ladies. This magazine believes beauty, health and style should never take a vacay because you're pregnant. I can get with that. Here's what she had to say about staying stylish when you're expecting.

Deal Diva: What are the 5 essential wardrobe items an expecting mom must have?

Kathryn: 1.) A great pair of maternity jeans. 2.) A black dress that can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. 3.) Classic black trousers that can take you out on the town or to the office. 4.) A hip, flirty top that can be paired with jeans for going out or with sleek black trousers for work. 5.) A blazer or cardigan that can finish off any outfit and can be worn long after baby is born.

Deal Diva: Before I got pregnant I bought a smokin' pair of J Brand jeans that I am not ready to say good-bye to for 9 months. How can I work with these jeans and other items I already own in my wardrobe?

Kathryn: If you're attached to your favorite pair of $200 jeans and don't want to give them up, use a Bella Band to extend the life of them. It's a stretchy band that can go over the button/zipper-fly when you're having to leave them undone. Once that is no longer an option, go out and splurge on a new pair of hi-end premium denim jeans. *Deal Diva side note: Don't be afraid to spend a little on maternity clothes, you can always sell them at a consignment store or use them again.* Stretchy empire waisted tops and dresses and tees are another item you can wear into pregnancy. If they're a bit short, layer them over longer tanks for a layered look.

Deal Diva: I cringe everytime I go into the traditional maternity stores in the mall, are there any websites out there with cool pregnancy wear?Duematernity_2019_91045798

Kathryn: Try:; and 

Deal Diva: Should pregnant women adhere to any silhouette rules; for example, if you've got big boobs should you stay away from trapeze dresses...thick legs, no-no to miniskirts?

Kathryn: If you're top heavy, stay away from things that are too flowey and have no shape. Stick to fitted styles in solid colors which make you look smaller than you are. If you're bigger on the bottom, go for bootleg jeans, trousers or long skirts. If you're short, stick to longer silhouettes in one color to create a longer, leaner line. If you're heavy, choose dark solid colors which are slimming. In general, fitted styles will show off your beautiful new curves and baggy clothes will make you look bigger than you really are.

Deal Diva: Thanks Kathryn, bring on the next five months!

~ Deal Diva Nicole


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