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Friday time waster: You need a compliment



TwisterHaving one of those days?

You know. You changed 23 times and still hate your outfit. By the time you resigned to the least mediocre items from the boiling volcano on the bed, there was no time to address the tumbleweed on your skull (pictured left). You're way overdue for a self tan, and you've had a headache for three days that you suspect is related to the wisdom teeth you were supposed to have out in 2007. No amount of Diet Coke will help, but it is making you bloated. You put on the iPod for escape, and SHIH TZU FRENCH TOAST BROTHER TRUCKER -- CHRIS BROWN comes on. And though he is likely a festering dollop of toilet scum (though innocent until proved toilet scum!), you still kind of jam to his song. So then, on top of the tragic outfit and the gross hair and the radiating headache, you have guilt.

You need a pick-me-up. Here! Try clicking on this random compliment generator from the BBC.

Here's what it has told me so far today:

  • Haven't I seen you on TV? (Yes, it was the "before" segment on Ambush Makeover.)
  • Only you could get away with wearing that! (Since no one else would?)
  • You've been turning heads. (In horror.)
  • I love what you've done with your makeup. (Slathered it on in the rear view mirror at the stop light while a homeless guy watched?)
  • I bet that u look good on the dance floor. (Well, this one is true.)

Try it out. You'll feel loads better!

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Bad hair day, Times files

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