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Fug or Fab? Hooded bathing suit



Work with me, you guys.

Hooded swimsuit

You're going to think that I just drank a bunch of absinthe, but I think this is cool. It's from American Apparel, and yes, it's exactly what it looks like. A swimsuit with a hood.

Impractical? Totally. Kind of ridiculous? Most assuredly. Also a touch great? Maybe.

It reminds me of a movie, an exotic spy caper. Let's make up a title. I'm gonna go with "Spies, Pies and Sexy Guys." In my imaginary movie, a couple of international bank heisters in fine linen suits and loafers board a boat bound for Monte Carlo, where they travel to deposit the coveted Jewel of the Woods de Tiegro directly into the hands of dangerous mafia overlord Jesse Jamesbullocko. Naturally, a gun fight ensues, and the lovable heisters escape by their neck skins to the boat, where vivacious shipmate Veronique Spandexio dons red lipstick, sips Prosecco and wears THIS VERY BATHING SUIT.

Hooded swimsuit2

You know?

It's $48, somewhat standard pricing in the delusional world of swimwear. And in the deep dregs of my brain's fantasy land, I think it kind of works.  I'm sure you'll tell me if I'm wrong.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: American Apparel

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