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Fug or fab: Leggings edition



Lohanleggings I'm having a crisis of conscience.

I wore leggings yesterday.

All my sartorial education and common sense tells me this was a terrible idea. Nonetheless, something deep inside made me spend $7 on a stretchy pair of black butt-huggers at Charlotte Russe last week. I feel so ... confused. I need to make a pro-con list.


  • They are kind of adorable.
  • They make my legs look super skinny.
  • They are SO COMFORTABLE I can't even explain. Seriously. I put them on at 8 a.m. Sunday, and I didn't take them off until 8 a.m. the next morning. That's right. They were so cozy that I slept in them.
  • They make wearing super short dresses in public reasonable, not sluttackular.
  • People who know things say they are more in style than ever right now.


  • I wore them in 1990. When I was SEVEN.
  • They hack my leg line off at the ankle or shin. I am too short for this nonsense. Every metric unit of leg length counts.

  • They show every Godforsaken cranny of my rear, requiring me to pray a heavy wind does not come along to betray my tunic.
  • It just feels like I'm wearing NO PANTS. I can't rectify this.
  • Two words: Lindsay Lohan.

So, brethren, I need your help. Do I need an intervention? Or is wearing an occasional set of Spandex butt tubes appropriate? HELP OR I'LL DIE.

Deal Diva Stephanie

(Photo by Getty Images: Habitual legging offender Lindsay Lohan last week at Bloomingdales in New York. I think we all can agree that Loca here needs to diversify, because the leggings never leave her body. Which, NOW I KIND OF GET!)


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