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Gap has magic pants. Seriously.



boot_cut_pants.jpgI did something really tough this weekend. I bought pants at full price.

Shudder, right? But I needed pants so hard. All my dress trousers looked like crazy clown pantaloons -- too big, too wide in the leg, too stumpy, too baggy. They made me feel like Roseanne, is what I'm saying. I've always had a hard finding pants since I have no legs, a high waist, and... how do you say... junk in the trunk. Buying dress pants is a project that takes time, commitment and the will of 30 men.

My first stop was TJ Maxx, because I am a delusional Deal Diva who, despite knowing the truth, still believes perfect pants grow on clearance racks. I tried on a few pairs of petite pants, none of which fit my waist or flattered my legs. Juniors pants were all too long and, you know, juniory. One can only take so many pocket embellishments. So I popped over to the mall into New York and Company, where I've had hit-or-miss luck in the past. Gloriously, I found a petite pair I really liked -- didn't love, but liked. They're called the 7th Avenue pant, the store's best seller. They were on sale for $35, which is more than I wanted to spend, but I decided to go for it since I doubted I'd find anything else.

Then, it happened. I found the perfect pants.

It's been a while since I've been into the Gap. I gotta be honest. The store doesn't do it for me. I require color, sparkle, things in shades and patterns other than "oatmeal." But I also knew they had a new Black Magic pants campaign promising pants that "fit like a dream, work like a charm." There are seven different styles to choose from. I tried on the Perfect Trouser (not perfect on this girl), and the Modern Boot (PERFECT ON THIS GIRL!). I couldn't believe it. They sat on the hips, had a wide waistband to control the tummy, streamlined snugly through the legs. They even came in short ("ankle" length in Gap-speak). Only problem? They were $60, which goes against everything I stand for. I had a real moment of conflict there in the dressing room, a heart-to-heart with my butt and bank account. Were these pants worth it? With no sale? And no coupon?

I took the plunge, bought a pair in charcoal, and wore them to work merrily on Monday. And I can already tell -- sometimes, investing in quality can be worth going against nature.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Gap Modern Boot Pants of Glory

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