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Garter belts, fanny packs and leg warmers - all tax-exempt!



There is a list you can print out, a cross between a National Lampoon Christmas list and the innards of a Carnival Cruise overnight bag.

It’s your state-issued tax holiday guide.

Florida’s annual break from sales taxes commenced today and runs through Sunday. It was conceived in 1998 to give families a discount on clothes, shoes and school supplies during the back-to-school season.

To help people navigate the law, the Florida Department of Revenue came up with a lengthy list of items exempt from taxes. It’s only a guideline, not all-inclusive, tweaked every year by "a big group of people" from departments at the office, said DOR spokeswoman Renee Watters.

"Over time, retailers will call and say, 'Is this included?'," she said. "We'll refer back to the legislation. It has pretty much stayed the same."

That's pretty clear. And there's not much chatter of updating it to reflect that people don't really buy many fanny packs anymore, she said. They're more focused on legal definitions than matters of taste.

Here are the stranger items you can get tax-free this weekend -- if you really want to.

Leg warmers and sweatbands

Truly outrageous! Truly contagious! Not since Jem and the Holograms has this sexy combo been hot. Leg warmers had a short resurgence a few years ago until people realized they could just, you know, wear pants.


Shoulder pads

Alexis Colby didn’t land four husbands with saggy shoulders. Get your Joan Collins game right with savings on extreme jacket structure.


Ski suits

Because you never know when Florida might sprout mountains and powder-white snow cover!



Listen. If your tuxedo costs less than $75, the tax-free price limit, you should probably stay home from the charity gala and spare yourself the snickering Oliver jokes. Further reason - your cuff links aren’t exempt.


Bowling shoes

Just, please. Remember to buy tax-free socks, too.


Fanny packs

Well, Florida is land of theme parks. But nothing says “Atkins didn’t work out,” better than strapping a purse horizontally across your widest part.


Garters and garter belts

For the K-12 Burlesque Talent Expo at the elementary school.


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