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Get your prep on for spring!



Ralphlauren_2I feel preppy, oh so preppy, I feel preppy and ironed and gaaaayyy. And so pretty, spring is com-ing my way.... La di la, di la-la-la.

Feel it, gals (and be glad you can't hear me singing). Prep's the thing for spring.

I once read that we forever cling to the style that was in vogue when we first became aware of fashion. For me, that happened in high school in a land called South Tampa, where girls really do still tie ribbons in their hair, and pearls will complete any outfit.

So I am in my element in a season defined by nautical stripes and a First Lady who can't get enough of J.Crew. Hello, polo shirts and cardigans and khakis. Good-bye, grunge nightmares and low-riding jeans that made plumbers blush. My prep cup runneth over.

For those who were not weaned on Vera Bradley, I have good news: This is one the easiest looks to pull off, and among the cheapest too. A fancy schmancy logo is about the only difference between a cheapo Penney's polo shirt and one with Lacoste snob appeal.

Colorwheel_3A few tips:

Look for pants, skirts and shorts with clean lines and colors. You can do no wrong in shades of white, navy and khaki. Fear not pastels. If you are Martha's Vineyard daring, consider a hint of light plaid.

Mix and match colors. Remember the color wheel from art class? Green and navy can compliment yellow. Pinks pair with blues. Buy a few cheap tank tops and cardigans in bright hues and experiment to your heart's content.

Red shoes are love at first sight. And never forget: Pearls add a touch of class to any outfit.

~ Deal Diva Letitia

(Photo: How easy is it to pull off this Ralph Lauren look for a fraction of price, without the pony logo?)

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