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Goodbye 2012! We'll miss you... but not these wacky fashion trends you brought us



Nobody's perfect. We know that. But what's that saying they teach you in grade school? "Try, try again"? So let's agree that in 2013, we'll try... to FORGET these unfortunate fashion trends that dogged us in 2012. We're sure there are plenty more, but we thought you could only stomach these five. (Feel free to rant in the comments about others though, natch.)

Drum roll...

1. Look, ma, my stomach is flat!

An ode to the crop top. Because really, are we 12 anymore? I bet if someone asked for a show of hands for how many of us wore one of these at some point in our lives, a bunch of palms (including this Deal Diva's) would rise in the air. But we are beyond that. It was sixth grade, OK? We have moved on! So why can't the rest of the world? (Looking at you, Katy Perry and girl I think goes out with Justin Bieber, who sported tiny shirts to the Kids Choice Awards in back in March.)



2. I see London, I see France, I see a ... weird spot of flesh near your ribs?

The cut-out dress. It could be the crop top's older sister, no? Let me be clear -- 17-year-old, looking-for-a-fly-prom-dress-me really really likes this look. It's fun! It's flirty! It's like playing peek-a-boo with your clothes! Halle Berry looks great when she does it! But 20-something, burrito-loving me wins out here. "No!" she's screaming. You do not need to wear something with random holes in it. Heed her advice, kids. Heed her advice.


Kate Bosworth in June at a fashion awards show in NYC


3. Jump, jump!

OK, so maybe our love/hate relationship with the jumpsuit stems from a deep-down jealously of our tall, skinny older sisters who can pull off this look flawlessly. Or maybe it's just sound fashion sense. It's certainly not the worst silhouette we've ever seen, but for the average woman? Uh, no. And am I the only one who has nightmarish images about what a hassle a jumpsuit could be when you really, really need to go?


Ri-Ri, as seen here walking out of a London hotel in June, loves her a jumpsuit,. But denim, really? Why girl, WHY?


4. Best practices for a PJ-filled life 

We get it. Pajamas are comfy. But we remain steadfast in our belief that they should not be worn outside the house. Call us pajama purists, but it just seems wrong. And these sort-of, but-not-really PJ creations (Pajama Jeans, anyone?) that have been popping up don't fool us either. Like these silky pajama-inspired pants Jessica Alba rocked in LA earlier this fall. The pants, part of the Narciso Rodriguez collection at Kohl's (don't worry, they're sold out) are supposedly all one needs for a "high-fashion look that's easy to wear." We say: Yeah, right. 



5. Where do these girls work? Really.

Ah, the shorts-suit trend. Designer Jenni Kayne made it part of her Spring 2012 collection, opting for a bubblegum pink version (see the photo below). The look was big on other runways, too, including DKNY. But can anyone explain it to us? What office lets you get away with this? More importantly, what office is hot enough that you'd actually be comfortable in something like this? From our experiences, most offices these days delight in torturing employees with ice-cold air conditioning (or is that just our office?). But seriously, warmth aside, can we all agree not to pair short shorts with blazers a 8 a.m. on Monday? Please?


-Deal Diva Kameel


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