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Goodbye flip-flops, hello Soludos



A couple weeks ago I remarked to a couple fellow deal divas that I'd begun feeling drawn to Toms shoes. They looked at me like I'd eaten too much granola.

toms2.jpgOKAY, fine. The slip-on canvas wonders can look pretty hippie, but I'm sick of flip-flops as my go-to, wear-with-a-pair-of-jorts-on-the-weekend shoes. All the Toms colors and patterns hypnotized me into a unrelenting yearning. At about $40 to $60, they're a little steep for casual flats, but the fact that the company would donate a pair of shoes to a barefoot child in need after I made my purchase made me feel better. So I tried them on.


For all their supposed ease and breeziness, they felt, of all things, a little bulky. Too much fabric or something.

marieclaire.jpgI was ready to give up when I stumbled across these shoes, featured as part of a magazine spread devoted to exotic fashion. (See them on the bottom left?) Could it be? A salve for my Toms itch? 

soludos.jpgAllow me to introduce Soludos -- like Toms but about half the price. The soles are made of woven jute, which hails to the hippie in my heart, and the canvas seemed sleeker. I decided to give them a whirl in white with blue-and-red stripes.

There are no Florida stores, so I ordered them online. Yesterday they were at my doorstep. I gingerly slipped them on, careful not to muck them up in case I needed to ship them back to the Mediterranean or wherever they claim to come from. But there was no need. A perfect fit!

Pass the granola, divas. I'm read to rock these gems until boot season.

Deal Diva Kim

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