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Gray hair on young people: Weird or wow?



I didn't talk about this in the Golden Globes recap, because I just started forgetting people existed. As one adept reader pointed out, I omitted Angelina Jolie, who, for the first time in six years, looked an actual movie star who makes movies and is a star.

But this morning the Today show had a gray hair segment and reminded me that I also forgot about this:


Here is young Kelly Osbourne, who has gone and dyed her hair gray. Kelly here is 27, so it's safe to say this wasn't a way to disguise her natural heather locks. This was a fashion choice. I said on the live Twitter chat that she looked like the Mill River Recluse, which is a book I'm currently reading by Darcie Chan, in which a rich widow with agoraphobia watches over a small Vermont town from her marble mansion on a hill. It's something about the gray bun with the severe Cinderella stepsister sleeves on her Zac Posen dress. Old.

But if you loosen up the hair and ditch the dress, is it cool? Would you intentionally dye your hair gray? Is there something kind of pleasantly jarring about young, smooth skin and gray hair? Here she is at the People's Choice Awards.



I'm not sure. My best friend, who is very creative and interesting and fearless, did this to her hair a year or so ago. It looked cool, but didn't last long, and I have to say I like her better blond. Maybe our brains are just too programmed into boxes of youth and age to properly handle this.

I'm just rambling and rambling and rambling, and coming to no definitive conclusion. Amazing skill.

If you want to dye your hair gray, I would suggest going to a trusted stylist, lest you end up looking like a tortured cat. But you can buy gray hair dye from... you know what, no. I'm not going to direct you to boxes of gray dye. I don't need any more angry letters than I already get. See a professional.

Would you do this?

Deal Diva Stephanie

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