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Guest blog: Bonus gifts for Dad are stoopid!



Growling_3I got this note from St. Pete Times writer Chris Sherman today. He's growling mad! Chris spotted a gimmick at Dillard's - free gifts from Aramis, Ed Hardy, Usher, Tommy Bahama, Hugo, Kenneth Cole and Chrome male cosmetics. His frustration runs deeper than a basic confusion with goops, creams and eyeliner for dudes.

Take it away, Chris! Don't hold back!

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

- - -

I noticed a full-page Father's Day ad from a department store touting male cosmetics from all the usual suspects who have counters on the main floor.

I'm somewhat okay with that. Aftershave is an old staple in the puzzle of what to give Dad. And we know that the manufacturers have expanded men's toiletries beyond soap shampoo and razors into a 12-step program involving two dozen products, none of which we understand.

Makeup for men is not new. What appalled me was that every set came "with a free gift."

No, a thousand times no. Buying $100 worth of petroleum products augmented with raw milk and civet sweat to get a "free gift" is not something guys understand. Call me sexist, but this is a puzzle of women's cosmetics we don't get; we're still wrestling with the difference between hand cream and foot cream.

I'm not opposed to the "free gift," just leave us out. Especially on Father's Day, which celebrates one difference we can still claim.

When I pointed this out to a sharp young fashionista, she asked the right question: "But does it come with a free bag?"

Yes, damn it. Even so, another wise shopper pointed out, the free gifts are for the female buyers. The guys may never see them. All we'll get is a lousy makeup kit.

Maybe if Polo threw in a Home Depot gift card...

~ Deal Diva (for today) Chris

(Photo: Times files)

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