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Heidi Pratt launches line of dry shampoo. We are curious, hate ourselves, etc...



Heidi You may have heard of Heidi Pratt (also known as Mrs. Spencer Pratt, also known as Spawn of Satan). You may have seen her dissolve into hysterics on that wholesome family hour of television, "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here." You may have seen her squirm and whine when questioned by TV's lovable, squeezable, least bulldoggy journalist ever, Al Roker. You may have seen her pose for the paparazzi while, like, buying organic jumbo brown eggs and turkey sausage from Whole Foods wearing denim shorts and stripper shoes and a "Jesus is My Homeboy" shirt. Or whatever.

Love her, hate her, or remain inconsolably entertained by her (me! me!), that is one rich beyotch. She's already designed a line of clothes for mall retailer Anchor Blue. Now, she's launching a beauty product we haven't seen since 1974 -- dry shampoo.

The stuff is basically powder that comes out of an aerosol can and absorbs the oils in your stank, unwashed hair. Jessica Simpson, a known avoider of washing her hair, is a fan of a version called Psssssst, which sells for a mere $5.99.

Psssssst I remember my mom telling me about the wonders of baby powder on the scalp when I was little, but I never really tried it. Still, the more I enter into self discovery, the more I learn how much I detest mornings and all things pertaining to sunrise, the more I grow to resent the blow dryer -- the more inclined I am to give dry shampoo a shake.

Has anyone out there used a dry shampoo? Would you try Heidi Pratt's? Or do you just hate her too much to even consider giving her a dime of your hard earned shampoo money?

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Heidi Pratt and her, uh, girls, Times files. Pssssst,

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