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High-def shoes are a revelation



Highdefshoes_3I spend a significant portion of life making sport of my boyfriend for his obsession with all things high-def. We have what is scientifically known as a BIG ASS TV with a TRILLION CHANNELS. He scoffs at me when, say, I'm home chilling in a FREE MICROSOFT T-SHIRT eating handfuls of HONEY BUNCHES OF OATS from the box, watching the low-def version of TLC's INCREDIBLE MEDICAL MYSTERIES because I can't commit SIX THOUSAND DIGITS to my HIPPOCAMPUS and heretohenceforth can't locate the HIGH-DEF CHANNEL.

Ahem. Anywho, I'm here to say I'm a changed woman.

Through the magic of the interwebz, I recently helped my friend Tamara in Washington D.C. pick out shoes for her wedding. We browsed the DSW web site for something that wouldn't kill her feet during "Hips Don't Lie," but that also wouldn't repel her husband like Broom-Hilda during Lent.

On the spectacular DSW site, I spied a feature that said "View in HD." Hmm? I clicked, and OMIGOD, the shoes were crystal clear! It was almost religious. I could see every detail, down to the stitch-width and heel seam and texture and "Made in Malaysia" stamp. If I am ever to buy shoes online again, I will do it here. I swear, this takes the gamble out of online shopping times a million.

Check it out, really. It's sort of fun and addictive. I spent a significant amount of time studying how ornamental stitching takes to leather-upper. But, uh, please don't tell my boyfriend. I need my pride.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie


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