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In honor of daylight savings time...



Clocks are EVERYWHERE. That's the lesson I learn from daylight savings time. Every time you think you've got them all rolled back, GAH! There's another one! And you know there's no way to get them all exactly on the right time. And half of them are on PM when they should be on AM. And then the power blinks and you're right back where you started. GAH!

So, yeah, really relaxing weekend for me.

One way to avert the old Fall-behind frustration? Buy a new watch! 

watch.jpgI've had my eye on a new ticker for awhile now, actually. This one from Timex. (Yeah -- Timex, believe it or not. Apparently they've evolved beyond the hunk of buttons and Velcro that I remember seeing strapped around the wrist of my high school science teacher.)

The only problem, it's $60. Not a huge chunk of change in the watch realm, but more than I'm looking to spend -- especially considering I already HAVE a watch, thanks to a spree at Walmart awhile back. 

For kicks, I checked out And voila, a brown-strapped Timex that could be this one's cousin. It's not exactly the same -- the detail is gold versus silver and the numbers are in a different, less stark font, but for goodness sakes, it's half the price. 

watch2.jpgWhat do we think?

Deal Diva Kim



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