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How to bling out your wardrobe this political season



flo_pins.jpgThe "I Voted" sticker is no fashion eyesore. Wearing mine to work today, I feel proud and civic-minded.

(In case you forgot: It's Florida's primary election day.)

But there are even blingier ways to show enthusiasm for the political process and your party (or no party) of choice.

Deal Diva Stephanie had a great story in this weekend's Times that previewed the sparkly pins we might expect from street vendors at the upcoming Republican National Convention. She also described the long tradition of political trinkets (wild salmon headdresses, anyone?).

The elephants, Republicans all, paraded along Dinah Lang Swickey's kitchen table with twinkling red trunks and rhinestone eyes.

"They really sparkle in the sun," said Dinah.

If the elephants sparkle right on camera, on lapels, on hats, they'll become part of a bigger story starring doodads, trinkets and political frippery, physical connections to a divine process. Fifty thousand people will come to Tampa this month for the Republican National Convention. They will be passionate. They'll want to support, and they'll want to protest. But how?

Stuff helps. Boater hats. Sashes. T-shirts. Pins. The 2012 Tampa Bay Host Committee is selling official convention shirts and mugs, said host committee chief operating officer Matt Becker. And for $3, there's the 2-inch piece de resistance, the most ubiquitous symbol of political rah-rah since people started liking Ike. The button.

"You can't have a convention without a button," said Becker.

You can get the pins from Dinah Lang Swickey and her sister, Laura Lang, at the Blingers of Tampa. (Hakim Aquil in Tampa will sell Obama buttons when the RNC ends, Stephanie reported.)

Keep reading the story, and don't forget about the heat-appropriate RNC blazer you'll need to showcase buttons and bling.

Anyone scooped up zany political gear over the years? 

Deal Diva Katie

Picture by Lara Cerri/Times.

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