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How much would you pay for an ugly Christmas sweater?



Ah, the holiday season. A time for good will toward men, peace on earth, and pipe cleaners hot-glued to the sleeves of your sweaters. 

I'd typically head straight to the thrift store for an ugly Christmas sweater, you know, because that seems to be the party theme du jour. They're flying off the shelves at local Goodwill stores for less than $5.  But just for kicks I thought I'd peruse the web to see what else is out there -- if anything, just to get a little inspiration.


I can't believe how much people pay for these bundles of hideousness, with their bells and lights and snowflakes and life-size reindeer heads. Check out these overpriced holiday sweaters, then take a look at this story by Deal Diva Stephanie, who attempted to predict what the next wacky holiday party trend will be when ugly sweaters finally jump the shark, Fonzie style.

On to the ridiculous, expensive sweaters!

uglysweater.jpgThis one is going for $60. Hurry! There's just a day and nine hours left!











reindeer.jpgOr this for $149. $149!!!






lightup.jpgThis light-up version might take the prize for ridiculousness. Pricetag: $500. Not. Kidding.









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