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How to wig out!



My pal and St. Pete Times colleague Ceska Sutton came by my desk pod on official business the other day, wearing this:


I, of course, stalked it like a bird to tinfoil. "What's the occasion!?" I chirped. She looked at me like I had three harmonizing heads, like I was daft to suggest she need ANY occasion to sport a neon green wig and velvet hat in the middle of the work week.

"Eh," she shrugged. "I had pesto last night. Green mood!"

In addition to being totally sweet and funny, Ceska is clearly fabulous. She's known around these parts for her ever changing hair. I snapped her photo and asked some questions about her wigs. Here, she attempts to enlighten those of us whose wig know-how stops inside a plastic bag on the Halloween aisle.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Blondewig_3 When did you start wearing wigs?

I have very long hair, and I am very tenderheaded and don't like getting my hair done. So, when I was in high school and on the swim team, my hair was a pain to manage. I decided I'd get my mom to braid it up and I'd get a pack of wig caps and some wigs. I knew it would make life easier. After getting out of the pool, I'd wash and condition my hair, toss on a wig and go! And since I've always been different and liked trying new styles and colors, I knew the wigs were the best way to go and have a perfect style each time.

How many do you have??

I have dedicated a closet with about 15 Styrofoam mannequin heads to my wigs and a couple hats. I recently gave away a few wigs to CASA that I'd only worn once. They were more business, straight-laced styles that women seeking a job could wear and look very nice in.

I have:

  • A neon green bob (above)
  • The "queen bee" bob (black with bright yellow in the bangs)
  • A long, dark brown wig with bangs
  • A two-tone platinum blonde chin-length bob (above right)
  • A jet black ear-length bob (with detachable bangs!)
  • A shoulder-length two-tone blonde pageboy
  • A dark brown chin-length bob (my first wig!)
  • The "cherry cola" bob (kinda burgundy/deep plum colored)
  • A short, electric blue, kinda Twiggy style
  • A glow-in-the-dark white bob
  • A flipped-out brown do (think Patti Labelle!)
  • A black bob with bright purple bangs
  • A couple of clip on ponytails. One is a green and black mix, one is auburn and another is made of dark brown curls

How much do they cost? Is it worth the money?

Depending on the thickness of the wig (how closely the tracks are sewn together) the price varies. I've never paid more than $35 for any wig. Also, human hair wigs are really expensive. I have one, and I don't like it that much (the long brown one). I love the synthetic wigs. They stay shinier and are cheaper, but look fantastic.

The best part about wearing a wig is that it cuts down on prep time in the morning. Also, if it rains or is just a bad weather day for frizzy hair, the wig prevents all that mess. If my hair is slightly damp, I put on a leave-in conditioner before putting on the wig cap. If it's dry, I put a light oil or cream on it, braid it and then mash it under the cap. The caps hold the wig in place and prevent the wig liner from snagging my real hair.

Where do you buy them?

Fat Boys (301 34th St. N, St. Pete) is by far my favorite beauty supply store. It is HUGE. Wigs line the entire store on almost all four walls -- I mean, from the ceiling to eye level! I have also bought a few wigs online from

How do you avoid buyer's remorse?

I suggest people try them on before buying. Most stores allow you to try three on one visit. And take a friend who will be honest with you about how the style and color looks on you. I love my wigs!

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