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'Huge spectacle' spectacle



Boys don't make passes at girls with glasses...or so the saying goes.scarlett-johansson-glasses.jpg

Recent photos floating around the web, however, seem to indicate that glasses are definitely in. And not just any glasses. I'm talking jumbo, nerd-a-rific rims, a la 50s crooner Buddy Holly.

Granted, a look at photos from across the decades shows the look never really went away. Take, for example, this photo of my own dear mother from the early 80s.


Despite comedian Drew Carey's valiant attempt to keep the trend alive over the next decade, the look was most associated with 1990s television's lovable nerd, Steve Urkel. Translation: Huge frames equaled huge fashion faux pas.

At the turn of the century, celebs like Tina Fey and even Sarah Palin catapulted small, dainty frames to "sexy back" status. But a glance at entertainment websites and mags in recent years and -- over the last few months -- my own Facebook feed show that super-large lenses are once again all the rage:

biebersplashnews.jpg anne_hathaway_glasses_2.jpeg

Justin Bieber, singer (Splash News)                                     Anne Hathaway, actress (Getty)

chris_brown_twitter.jpg  childwithswag.jpg

Chris Brown, singer/rapper (Twitter)                                     ChildrenWithSwag.Tumblr.Com

madonna_and_daughter_lourdes_metro.co_.uk_.jpg              cuzzoglasses.jpg

Madonna and daughter Lourdes (             My cousin, A.J. (Facebook)

View more celebs sporting the "nerdy swag" look here and here.

OK, so I doubt many of these so-called "hipster glasses" have actual prescription lenses in them. But I think the trend heavily solidifies the statement that uncool is the new cool.

What do you think of big frames: chic or freak?

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