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I Caved and Paid $135 for Moisturizer: The Emily Nipps Story



Back when we were waking up with frost on the ground and ice in our hearts, I wrote about how I was coveting a nice little jar minilemer.jpgof La Mer, that supposed cult skin cream that costs $135 an ounce. I've used it before, I had fond memories and I just couldn't seem to settle for a substitute, despite lots of great suggestions from readers and colleagues.

What made me finally take the leap was when my friend Kristen came over and, with her head hanging, confessed that she saw my post and bought some La Mer. So I couldn't be like, "Haha, sucker! You paid $135 for what!?" Out of a show of solidarity for my friend -- whose skin is glowing, by the way -- I had to buy some too. Plus, she pointed out, you get FREE SHIPPING and FREE SAMPLES when you order from their website. She actually brought me a sample and we laughed and laughed and laughed. (See adorable sample, above right.)

So I decided to shell out the money and I'm here to tell you that it was worth every hard-earned dollar. My skin feels and looks AWESOME and I only wish I had bought some earlier instead of suffering through the crackley Skeletor skin all through December.

Here's the deal with La Mer: It's super rich, almost too frightfully rich to put on your skin, but you just use a tiny bit and warm it up by rubbing it together with your fingers. Then you sort of just pat it all over your skin and blend it around. It feels a little heavy at first but sinks in and makes your skin feel super soft and gives you a little color in your cheeks. A one-ounce jar will last for months.

And no, I don't work for La Mer. My uncle isn't Bernard P. La Mer, and I don't own stock in the stuff. (Though I would if I could.) I guess I've just bought into the cult.

I'm not feeling very photogenic today, so here's a pretty accurate representation of how I felt and looked after my precious cream arrived in the mail:














Deal Diva Emily

Photos: My Android pic of my huge hand elgulfing Kristen's free sample, Associated Press

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