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I feel a spree coming on, just in time with three new stores at IP



I just had a closet melt-down.

I got home from a weekend trip to New York City, took one look at my closet, and started slinging clothes over my shoulder in a frenzy. Blame it on all the much more fashionable people I shared air with. Blame it on the weather warming up. Blame it on exhaustion. But I suddenly hated 70 percent of what I owned. Truth be told, I was overdue for a purge. But now that everything I own is at Goodwill, I'm ready to shop -- probably not the best timing, considering the aforementioned (and pricey) NYC trip.

Oh well.

As if all that wasn't enough of a reason to hit the mall, our friends over in the Times business section are now telling us that International Plaza is getting ready to welcome three new clothing chains -- the hippie-loving Free People, Victoria Secret's cheeky PINK line, and Forever 21-ish Love Culture.

I'm partial to Free People. The clothier shares my unabashed love for slouchy denim, maxi dresses and general flower-child tendencies. From the same family as Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, the line's a bit pricier than its cousins. I'd be more likely to splurge on one favorite piece here, rather than fully unleashing my pent-up urge to spree.

chambray.jpgThis chambray top will do the trick.









Next stop, PINK, the little sister of lingerie madam VS. Here's where I'll harken back to my over-sleeping college days. Where you'd roll out of bed at 10 a.m. like a boss, pull on some sporty sweat pants, grab a bagel at the campus Einstein's then grab a seat in Math for Liberal Arts Majors (What up journalists!?).

pants.jpgThe blatant PINK label with the inexplicable "86" is all I'll need to show people that I'm wearing actual clothes -- and not my boyfriend's baggy warm-ups.

Or, since now I don't spend the majority of my days lounging, maybe I'll just stock up on some new skivvies.

bra.jpgI could get this bra in sensible navy, or, you know, leopard






Alright, Love Culture, let's see what you got.

I wasn't familiar with this store before hearing the IP news, but upon a quick perusal of its web site, it seems the Forever 21 comparison rings true.  I see lots of designer knock-offs, colorful pants you'll probably wear, like, twice, and midriff-skimming shirts that scream things like LOVE or have a blown-up picture of a cartoon owl. But, if it's anything like the the ol' 21, that undeniable mistress, you'll be drawn in for quick-hit staples and cheap, fun splurges.

dress.jpgFor instance, this striped sailor dress. Only $14.










Who's ready to shop?

Deal Diva Kim

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