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I just can't help it: I love La Mer



I was chatting up Deal Diva Stephanie yesterday about skincare woes. Between the wonky winter weather and the post-holidaylamer.jpg binge, my face is looking a little dry and colorless. It's time to go hunting for the latest miracle cream, because my usual budget-friendly routine of Clean & Clear face wash and Oil of Olay moisturizer isn't cutting it.

I hated to make this confession, even to myself, but I had to own up: I've tried a zillion skincare products out there, and not one has ever come close to Crème de la Mer. Yes, I'm talking about the criminally priced, scary looking lard-in-a-jar, the stuff you can only buy at fancy department stores for $130 an ounce. If this makes me less of a Deal Diva, so be it. The stuff makes my skin look amazing and I have yet to find a substitute.

Unfortunately, I don't really have hundreds of dollars lying around right now, so here I sit, merely fantasizing about La Mer. Maybe one day. In the meantime, I learned some interesting news: A co-worker who just visited her family Miami for Christmas claims there is an Hispanic version of Crème de la Mer, only available in Latin markets, that is still expensive by Latin market standards, but cheap by American standards. In other words, it won't break your bank like the real La Mer will.

She couldn't remember the name of the product, but she's looking into it. In the meantime, can anyone suggest an alternative to La Mer? Or anything that will make me look less sick and ghostly during this chilly spell?


Deal Diva Emily


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