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Inspired by jeggings, a study in things too tight



I consider myself to have a pretty close relationship with denim. Light, dark, long, short, cut off, patched, crisp or ripped. I love it all. 

jeggings.pngBut there's just something I find offensive about jeggings. 

I must admit, I wasn't a fan of plain old leggings to begin with. Yes, they can look cute under a breezy tunic and can be an easy transition piece from summer to fall. But the potential for disaster is just too great. A bright-light-and-sheer-fabric combination, a hole in the wrong spot, a wayward dimple…

I cringe.

And then came jeggings. Considering the ubiquity of the skinny jean, it was only a matter of time. But come on.. fake pockets? Imitation stitching? Useless buttons?

In honor of the sprayed-on look, let us celebrate the following experiments in constriction. 

1. The choker necklace


 Do you remember these? They were all the rage when I was in middle school. There were studded, dog-collar-ish ones for the girls who hated their parents and listened to The Offspring, those weird wiry, tattoo-ish ones that TOTALLY WENT WITH EVERYTHING, and of course the preppy ribbon style. Soo sophisticated.  

2. The "I work out a lot and WANT YOU TO KNOW IT" T-shirt 


Guys, give it a rest. We can see that you work out. We've probably seen you in the gym, squarely positioned in front of the mirror and wearing the same tight shirt. Now you're out at the bar sipping a Heineken Light and nonchalantly posing. Your shirt is probably Ed Hardy and garish, and we're probably excusing ourselves to the ladies room to laugh at you. Buy a bigger shirt.

3. Jessica Simpson's romper. 


Again, I'm sorry Jess. I just can't get over it. 

Deal Diva Kim 

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