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Itty Bitty Bra reppin' the flat girls of the world



IttybittybraThis should please some folks out there in Boobland U.S.A., home of the world famous Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder Monument (and World's Largest Ball of Twine).

It's the Itty Bitty Bra, designed especially for our small-chested friends. "Most bra manufacturers use a B cup as the basis for all of its smaller bra sizes, adjusting for others by increasing the width of the strap or widening the band," said IBB president Jane Hodgdon in a press release. "IBB has developed a patented cup design for smaller cup sizes."

I come from a long line of Chesty McChestersons, but I've always imagined small-chested girls might have some advantages - the ability to wear halter tops, the freedom to treadmill without duct tape and ace bandages, things like that. But I also imagine it's frusrating to bra shop when everything screams Pam Anderson in yo' face.

Has anyone tried this? They're in the $50 dollar range, which anyone who has bought a good bra knows is maddening but typical. Maybe to save money we should all start living buck naked in the rain forest. Still, I'm sure some enterprising nymph would start making banana leaf bras and charging eight mangos and leg. Sigh.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Couture polka dot bra, $55,

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