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Jean jacket: Classic or passe?



Jeanjacket The jean jacket is out. So the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar has proclaimed.

This is a magazine that thinks a $1,800 clutch is a budget-minded wardrobe update. (You'll have it forever, some editor is cooing.) Right. And that investment-grade reptile skin box will do us a lot of good when hobos come back next season.

Still, picking on the jean jacket, the classic of the post-80's ages? The never-flashy, always-comfy, goes-with-everything from sundresses to short-shorts jean jacket?

And yet, I find myself thinking twice about grabbing mine these days.

My jean jacket harkens back to a time when it was chic to shop at the Gap. I never upgraded to indigo denim, or an Asian inspired collar. I stayed true to my cowgirl blue, washed-out classic.

Now it's judgment time: Do I put it aside until Harper's decides jean jackets are back again, along with "somber shades," also on the current out-list? Or do I say "screw you" to its fashion editors, who probably haven't paid for their own clothing in a decade?

~ Deal Diva Letitia

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:17pm]


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