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Jessica Simpson will make $1 billion with her fashion lines



Feeling bad for Jessica Simpson? Don't. She may be a little unlucky in movies and music and love (though she just got engaged again), but The Juice reports that Jess is on track to make -- in Dr. Evil voice -- $1 BILLION DOLLARS this year from her fashion line. Plus, she gets to hang out with cute sailor boys, so there's that.


Can't you just see her counting money in her head?

I personally think her shoes are awesome. They're always towering, but with healthy platforms to ease the pesky task of walking, and the designs are bold and feminine. Check out these Cheetah Mary Janes, $97.95 at Zappos. Couldn't you picture them making sweet, sweet babies with black tights and a skirt? These are pricey, but other less expensive Jessica Simpson shoes pop up everywhere from Macy's to TJ Maxx.

jsimp_mary_janes.jpgHer clothes aren't bad either. Remember when she had that whole push to make jeans for girls who were short and voluminous in certain areas? Well SOME OF US appreciated that. Not naming names (thoughitcouldbeme). And her dresses are cute. I tried on a little J.Simp satin purple frock at Nordstrom Rack last week.

As for how much she actually designs, who knows? But there is clearly someone behind her with some business and marketing savvy, which makes me happy. Some redemption for Bad Jeans Gate.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Jessica Simpson poses with Petty Officer John Britt, of Memphis, Tenn., during the 78th annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony Tuesday in New York. AP.

[Last modified: Wednesday, December 8, 2010 12:57pm]


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