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The JoeyBra: Wardrobe must or bust?

Every time I go nightclubbing, it’s the same story. I’m either stuffing my credit card, ID, cash, lip gloss or other small necessities into my male friends’ pockets.

Or, more likely, stuffing them into my bra.

After all, who wants to be bogged down on the dance floor with a bulky purse that slaps all the potential male suitors away?

That’s why a handy product that just hit the market makes me shout inside my head, “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”

Introducing: The JoeyBra.


The bra – which is sized small, medium or large – has a kangaroo-like pouch sewn into the band where the wearer can stash items as large as a cell phone.

It’s cute. It’s functional. What's not to love, right?

Sure, friends would still tease me about feeling up my own goodies and strangers might still openly gawk or sneak confused looks as I reach inside my unmentionables.

For the record, I always attempt to be discreet and turn away to pull money or credit cards out before I know I’ll need them. But sometimes things just get lost in there.

Hopefully, the JoeyBra’s pouch would keep everything contained in one space, making the reaching motion much less noticeable and reducing awkward conversations with cashiers, bouncers and TSA officials (true story: a well-meaning agent once lectured me about the dangers of letting dirty money touch my skin) to nearly zilch. 

Plus, it would give me peace of mind knowing that my valuables are cozily nestled in a safe place.

Still, I'm debating whether it's a good investment. The creators vow that the underarm pocket is spacious, yet unnoticeable. I'm not so sure I'm convinced.

What do you guys think: wardrobe must or bust?

--Deal Diva Keyonna

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