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Kate Gosselin gets hair extensions. We investigate.



Kate on people Just days after we included her famous reverse mullet in our Ten Memorable Fashion Moments of the Year, Kate Gosselin went and got herself a full head of hair extensions, which she revealed in People Magazine. (Also on the cover, SECRETS OF JERSEY SHORE!!!! ZOMG. I'm more interested in that. THAT SHOW IS MY SITUATION, KID. But I digress...)

Kate has been through a lot, and the Deal Divas decided to form a united sisterhood front and not be snarky. So here goes being nice!  *deep breath*  She's clearly very attractive in the face. The hair? It's, um... interesting. It's... not the same as it used to be. It's... longer. It's... oh hell, I can't do it. You can see all the short hairs! Like she just clipped a blond squirrel under her real hair!

In fairness, it must be hard to put extensions in hair as short as Kate Gosselin's, right? We wanted to find out more about this business of hair extensions, so we rang up Karen Hicks, extension specialist extraordinare, who owns the Hair Hospital on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. Karen has been an extension expert since 1989, serving an impressive clientele. In fact, she was hard at work on some hair extensions when we talked.

You can see all the little hairs! Is it hard to do hair that short?
I did Miss Florida a few years ago when she turned over the crown, and she had a very blunt bob, and that's really the toughest type of haircut to try and compensate and turn into a realistic looking extension. I try to explain to clients when they come in with a bob cut like that, you have to be willing to commit to wearing them for a while. A year and a half to two years, so I can go in and shatter that line, so you don't see that.

Kate's extensions took 20 hours! Is that normal?
Anybody that has been doing extensions for a reasonable amount of time should not take more than five or six hours at the most.

How do you get them in?
We do nine different methods, as far as the forms of attachment. The old-fashioned sew in, the glue, but anyone worth their weight isn't going to be doing that now. We have one that uses ultrasound, we have one that has an air pressure machine that puts in 10 strands at a time. We have what we call the old-fashioned heat method. The heat is not anywhere as hot as a curling iron. Extensions properly done will actually help your hair grow.

How much do they cost and how long do they last?
The type that Kate Gosselin is wearing are probably anywhere from $1,800, to, I have a client that pays $4,500. I would say $1,800 to $2,500 for a good quality. That should include the maintenance in the price. My client letter tells them that I like to see them every three or four weeks, and there is no charge for that service. The average life of a good hair extension is five to six months.

Are they hard to keep up?
Hair extensions should simplify your life. If you put them in and have to spend two hours doing them, they're not doing that.

Should a mother of 8 get them?
A mother of 8? No. She's probably going to have to have somebody that is going to have to help her pull that style together. Unless she just puts it in a ponytail.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: People Magazine

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