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Kate Middleton brings back pantyhose



Well, it appears Kate Middleton has done what Blanche Devereaux could not. She brought back sheer pantyhose.

The UK Daily Mail has reported a spike in stocking sales since the prim and proper duchess started covering her legs in public. Because everything she puts on her body is a stunning success, women have been clamoring for the Dusky Nude Sandy Sunlight Leggs over there.


I'm an admitted Kate watcher, both from fashion and jealousy standpoints. I can't wrap my head around how someone is that lithe and pretty and glowy and non-sweaty and pulled together all the time under totally stressful conditions. If I was on a red carpet meeting Angelina Jolie or whatever, all while representing the Commonwealth and being compared to Princess Diana on horrifying Newsweek covers, I'd be all, "WHERE ARE MY BLOTTING PAPERS? SOMEONE GET ME A COCKTAIL." Not Kate (or Duchess Catherine, if we must). She looks like she just stepped out of Heaven's Dress Barn all the time.

As for the pantyhose, we all have our days where they would come in handy. There is a mystery bruise on our shin from last weekend, and we haven't had a tan since Full House was in new episodes, and our Intuition razor cartridge has just run out, and those are like $18 to replace, and we only have $17.50 left in our account for the next four days, and we have to buy gas, and we start internally railing against the macho manifesto that demands we shave, and then we get dressed anyway, emboldened to BE OURSELVES hair and all, and then we realize our skirt shrunk in the dryer and it's way too short for work, and not only are we hairy and bruised and ghastly, we are going to be fired.

You know, like that.

Still, I'd reach for black tights first. Or pants. Because when I think of sheer pantyhose, I can't help but think of this:


Or this:


Or this:

What do you think?

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: Getty, Times files, Seriously thinking of buying that poster for my house, BTW. Glorious.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 6:16pm]


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