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Kate Middleton (or Duchess whatever) pulls a quick change on the plane



I've never claimed to be the world's greatest investigatory journalist, as Zoolander would say. But I can smell when things just don't add up.

To wit:

Here boarding a plane for Canada is Kate Middleton (or are we supposed to say Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge now, and furthermore WHY CAN'T WE JUST CALL HER PRINCESS and further furthermore, does anyone else feel like the whole monarchy naming game is one big match of Calvinball? You know, make it up as you go?). It was the first day of her North American tour with Prince William (who gets to be all princely even though he's not even really the Prince of Wales, and someone tell me how THAT'S fair, and OK, I'll stop).

She was wearing this:


I'm a huge, drooling fan of everything she wears, and although this is exceptionally fitted and classy, I fear she may have confused the captain's orders to "watch your flight attendant in the center row" with "stalk your flight attendant in her own clothes." Either that, or life with the royals has already gone afoul and she's trying to woo the management at AirTran. Smart cookie, marketing herself from the ground up.

When Catherine, Duchessthing Half-Princess of Narnia got OFF the plane in Canada, she was wearing this:


It looks like homegirl CHANGED on board, and she even styled her hair differently! And what's more, she looks outstanding, like she spent hours getting ready in her Duchess suite with little bluebirds helping her fasten her corsets. Surely she was sitting in first class, or perhaps took a private jet, but still. Is there a Neiman Marcus-style changing room on the plane? There must be. Because let me tell you. I once changed in the back of my Honda, and it is nothing to take lightly. I'm pretty sure I came out looking less "Married to a Future King" and more "Don King." You feel me?

Catherine, Swamp Queen of Magicland, teach me your ways.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Evidence photos: Getty

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