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Deal Divas

Stephanie Hayes, Katie Sanders, Kameel Stanley, & Keyonna Summers

Lady Gaga fashion throwdown!



It's a Deal Divas-Pop Life crossover extravaganza!

I battled Times pop music critic Sean Daly over the merits of someone dear to my heart - Lady Gaga.


I'm not saying I'd wear her outfits to Panera on a Sunday, but for her purposes, I think she's crafted something exciting, right up there with Posh and the first lady of Cameroon. Sean begs to differ. But this is not his blog, so with all due respect... PPPPBBBBTTTTTHHHHH.

Here's our story, which you can also read in today's Weekend section of the St. Petersburg Times. (VOTE FOR ME! DOWN WITH DALY!) And if you want to catch Gaga's fashion madcappery live in concert (I'll be there!), her show starts at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Ritz Ybor, $23.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Lady Gaga, that pantsless, wiggy wonder, has us divided. Her personal style has as much production value as her electro-pop dance songs. You'll never catch this girl (a.k.a. New York City club brat Joanne Stefani Germanotta) on a Frappuccino run in Crocs and a dirty Sixers cap.

Some really awesome reporters like Stephanie Hayes think the iTunes sales queen - whose debut disc The Fame came out of nowhere to top the charts - is amazing and innovative, a fresh force on the scene tantamount to Warholian ecstasy.

Some lame-o reporters like music critic Sean Daly, who didn't reach the computer fast enough to write the lead of this story, think Gaga is a painfully unoriginal style-biter of Christina Aguilera, Cyndi Lauper and the stars of pop-culture past.

To settle the score, we analyzed some of Lady Gaga's most outrageous ensembles.


STEPHANIE: You say she's unoriginal. Okay, Sean Slick, tell me - where in the mall can I find a limestone stalagmite homecoming dress? Forever 21? The Gap? You got nothin'.

SEAN: I think you like her 'cause you're both the size of garden gnomes. Look at Gaga, she's like the sad plastic topper on Madonna's wedding cake.


STEPHANIE: Gaga is ferosh. Gaga is fierce. Gaga will rappel down a skyscraper and assassinate an international drug dealer. Gaga will be back in time to sing Just Dance. Gaga's hair will not move.

SEAN: If you're playing Spot the Ripoff at home, the correct answer is Marilyn Monroe, Cher and, strangely enough, that scary dude from Cameo. Word up!


STEPHANIE: When's the last time you saw someone break it down that hard with a lightning bolt plunging through her abdomen? Girl is electric!

SEAN: No, girl is biting from Gwen "Wind It Up" Stefani, who was already biting from Michelle "Coke It Up" Pfeiffer in Scarface. Nice armpits, too, Gaga. Who sponsors your tour? Mennen?


STEPHANIE: Gaga is dedicated to bringing surgical nursing uniforms back to the couture runway where they belong. She's so selfless.

SEAN: Helpless is more like it. Desperate for attention, too. She looks like a Pan Am flight attendant stranded on a desert island. Coffee Tea or Me, Me, Me?


STEPHANIE: Pants are so last year. Only losers wear pants.

SEAN: Please, she looks like a porn superhero. Wow, she's going to be awesome in Do-You-Like-to-Watchmen. Or The Fantastic Foursome. Or Baredevil. Or . . .


STEPHANIE: I would totally wear this dress. It's sexy, bold, fun. Most importantly, I could hide 68 cupcakes in the side poofs for a tasty midnight snack.

SEAN: Oh, Steph. The poor girl looks like a slightly melted Madame Tussauds version of Paris Hilton. All that's missing are a bad boyfriend and a shaky video cam. To quote Gaga herself, "Eh eh, nothing else I can say."

Photos: Times files

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