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Lady Gaga graces cover of Vogue September issue



The September issue of Vogue is a big deal. It's the fattest issue of the year, basically a doorstop full of moody, thin, attractive people. And while I continue to have serious questions about Vogue's practical applications to my immediate middle-class existence, there is no denying that the September issue is an all-out keg party for the eyes. It's beautiful. I buy it every year. Remember when your resident Divas reviewed the September Issue documentary a few years ago? Of course you do (not but here is the link to remind you).

This year, THERE IS GREAT NEWS. Lady Gaga made the cover!

I'm an unapologetic Lady Gaga fan. I saw her in concert and I know all her songs, and I wish that we could be friends who grab a glass of Merlot, then go around New York wearing nothing but teal bodyhose and sunglasses in search of the best donut from a street cart. You have to have dreams, and you have to see them through.

This picture from the spread is incredible. That hat. You don't need clothes with a hat like this. Clothes would almost be overkill.


Here's the cover. I would call it, um... slightly less successful.


Well. It's a bit Loraxian for my taste, you dig? Anyway, I'm still gonna grab this when it comes out Aug. 21. It's the magazine's 120th anniversary, so for funsies, they sent over an image of the very first Vogue cover from 1892. Check it.


Wow, look at her face. Even back then women of Vogue knew they were better than us. I concede.

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