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Lady Gaga meets Queen Elizabeth II in red latex. Appropriate?



I just don't know.

Gaga queen 

Here's Lady Gaga meeting Queen Elizabeth II. If she has a fan, it's this girl. I understand and appreciate what she does. Yes, she looks like she just ate a handful of suspect berries off a bush and downed them with three cans of Red Bull and a shooter of Apple Pucker, but that is her THING. If most of us ever got to meet the queen, we'd show up in a tweed blazer and a turtleneck, if not a full-on habit, yes? But not Lady Gaga. She wears, uh, that. Does her neurosis make it okay?

I need to make a pro/con list.

Pro: It really is quite conservative. High neck, full sleeves, shoulder blousing.
Con: It's RED LATEX.
Pro: But her hair looks great.
Con: But she's wearing a ROBIN MASK made of SEQUINS.
Pro: Damn, her skin is flawless. I bet she traded moisturizer tips with the queen.
Con: Didn't Britney Spears wear this same thing circa 2000? In that video with Melissa Joan Hart?
Pro: No, she wore red latex in Oops, I Did It Again. You're thinking of Crazy, the soda shop video with Clarissa, who Explains it All.
Con: Oh, right. I love that song. It's my jam!
Pro: Me TOO!
Con: What were we talking about?
Pro: Lady Gaga, and how this outfit is totally appropriate for meeting the queen.
Con: LIES. You LIE! You are a LIAR!
Pro: But look how happy that backup dancer is! He thinks Gaga's outfit is totally the best. If he hated it, he'd be all, "Here we go. This is when we get dropped into the queen's shark pit. I've made my peace with God." But he's totally not like that.
Con: He is also wearing a costume from the set of 1961's Babes in Toyland. So, his judgment is clearly impaired, rendering him useless and basically defeating your case.
Pro: I ... yeah, you win. Wasn't Drew Barrymore in that movie?
Con: No, you're thinking of the remake from the '80s. It was terrible. Keanu Reeves was in it, too, bless his heart. I have too much egg nog and watch it every year.
Pro: What were we talking about?
Con: I'm confused. Let's just go get a Diet Coke.

Deal Diva Stephanie

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