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Leather driving gloves: Serial killer or chic?



I totally want leather driving gloves. Is that not the nuttiest thing you've heard all year?

I've always dreamed about them, and after checking out the photos from the Hermes show from Wednesday at Paris Fashion Week, I'm again obsessed.


Just imagine! You can look hot and sexy and sophisticated while simultaneously strangling a cheating lover and leaving behind no fingerprints. SOLD!

The truth is, I have no good reason to get leather driving gloves. It's Florida. It's hot as blazes most of the time, definitely too hot to smother our fingers in cowhide. Not to mention, leather driving gloves are for people with, you know, nice cars. I might look a little wacky (more than usual) tooling around town in my 2000 Honda Accord with the huge dent in the door (thanks, Guy With No Insurance Who Hit Me). But seriously, my car is a beater. The most glamorous thing I should wear riding in that car is cutoff jorts.

But these are tempting.


Am I crazy? (I already know the answer, but let's hear it.)

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: Getty

[Last modified: Friday, October 8, 2010 3:45pm]


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