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Let's hope Florida men don't pick up on this LA trend...




1314687-1-multiview.jpgI pretty much cringed when I read what a west-coast friend posted on Facebook the other day.

She lives in the LA area, and, in the last 24 hours had witnessed a horrific sight.

An ultimate fashion faux pas. A cry for help. 

She saw two men in capris, guys.


I'll give you a moment to soak that in.

Capris pants are notorious for sparking controversy among women.

Are they flattering or not? Can you wear them if you're short? Can you wear them if you're tall? Do they look good on curvy ladies? Do you get a pass if you only wear them at the gym? What about the hem - should it hug your calves or flare out at the ankle? 

And on, and on and on...

My own thoughts on capris have evolved as I've aged. I'm kind of ambivalent about them these days. But I have to confess, I never even considered the guy angle.

Which is why, for the past few days, I've been obsessively scanning the local landscape to see if any men around here also are rocking this look. So far, I haven't seen anything. 

Thank goodness, right? 

I mean, it's not like I'm opposed to men showing some leg. I'm all for it, and let's face it, we see a lot of skin in Florida anyway. You'll fry if you don't wear shorts some days.

But, like this New York Times story earlier this summer noted, there IS a line. And it's really not that hard to find. As Brian Coats, a contributing editor at GQ, told the newpaper: 

“Usually just above the knee. Never any longer or you risk veering off into Capri pants territory.”


And hey, here's another reason to stay away - they can be expensive! The ones you see in the picture above, from, are $70. And over at Urban Outfitters, they sell a pair of capris for $200

Here's what those look like:



I don't recall seeing stuff like this at some of our other local favorite affordable options like Target, JCPenney and Old Navy. Then again, I haven't been looking to buy capris pants for any of the men in my life. 

Have any of you spotted this look in your daily lives yet? Am I crazy for recoiling from this trend? And hoping and praying that someday, I never hear the words from my guy's lips: "Babe, let's go shopping. I need some capri pants."

And hey, for any guys out there reading this, I know ultimately we all will make our own fashion choices. Some are hits. Some are misses.

Just don't say you haven't been warned.

-Deal Diva Kameel

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