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LizziMiller-p194 There are lots of reasons why I like TLC's What Not to Wear. Sure, I get some laughs out of watching the hosts razz ladies for wearing cat scarves and forgoing bras. And yeah, they teach nifty lessons about color coordination and accessorizing.

But what I appreciate most is that the show teaches the value of dressing the body you have, not the one you want. With a week's worth of effort, each and every one of the women on the show ends up looking beautiful in her own way.

That IN HER OWN WAY part is really important. Because let's face it, most women feel a lot of societal pressure to fit into pretty narrow definitions of beauty. An often unattainable definition of beauty, to boot.

I spent time thinking about this topic for a St. Petersburg Times story prompted by a three-by-three inch photo of a curvy and almost nude 20-year-old in Glamour's September issue. The picture has sparked quite a conversation online, with reactions that range from women rejoicing over seeing a "real" woman on the pages of a glossy fashion magazine to others who somehow consider a size 12-14 woman obese.

What do you think about model Lizzi Miller's photo? Does it give you hope that media might feature more "regular-looking" women in the future? Or do you think this is a one-time reality check that will get lost in a sea of skinny?

~ Deal Diva Colleen

(Photo by Walter Chin for Glamour)

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