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Lingerie lowdown: a guy's guide




Divas, Valentine's Day is Saturday. But we don't need to tell you that. In fact, this post isn't really for you at all. It's for the man in your life. Now walk away from the computer and hope he catches a glimpse of this post before the screensaver kicks in.

When it comes to V-Day, exquisite lingerie is the ultimate indulgence. Think about it: A camisole won't wilt like roses. The right nightgown does wonders for a woman's figure; we can't say the same for a Whitman's Sampler. And a nice bra and panty set? Now there's a gift you can both enjoy.

We know lingerie stores can be intimidating. All that lace, those scantily clad mannequins. And what's the measuring tape for? But help has arrived. Check out this handy guide to buying lingerie -- including suggestions on stores to visit, and how to make sense of women's sizing, which we admit is way more complicated than it should be.

One highlight worth repeating: Intimacy is a two-way street. A man can't expect you to prance around in some tight-fitting, wedgie-inducing garment while he's in sweats, can he? Boyfriends, while lingerie shopping, pick up a pair of silk boxers and some cologne for yourself. Take a shower. Shave. While you're at it, unload the dishwasher. Now there's a turn-on.

Happy shopping. The woman in your life will surely thank you.

~ Guest Deal Diva Dalia Colon

(Photo: Times staff photo from Maison Rouge, a St. Pete boutique owned by actress and HSN queen Rhonda Shear.)

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