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Look for less: Jimmy Choo yellow Prize platform



Imagine you find yourself sucked into the black vortex of hopelessness called the Internet.

Oh sure, it starts out simple enough. You discover a banner on your Facebook page advertising a totally cute pair of shoes. It piques your footwear radar (fadar). You feel icky about how Facbook stalks you, learns your darkest secrets then SELLS THEM BACK TO YOU. But you click anyway.

Thirty minutes of soulsuck later, you have surfed through 86 pages of shoes, waiting for the one that truly moves you on a spiritual level. You finally find it! It's yellow! It's strappy! It's fierce! Truthfully, it would look like hell on your stumpy pale leg, but it's fantasy land and none of that matters!  It's on sale! For... for...

$545.39. Marked down from $795.


Sigh. Yes, friend, you have discovered the Jimmy Choo Prize T-strap platform. You wallow in self-pity because you will never, ever be able to afford this. You also pat yourself on the back a little, because DAMN you have good taste. And you soldier on, because you are a good Deal Diva. You search high and low for a suitable replacement, one that would work with your meager salary, one that the nurses and the teachers and the writers (AHEM) of the world could also afford. Solidarity!



The Michael Antonio Somerset sandal, available for $54.95 at Say for a second you ever intended to actually buy anything -- you would have saved yourself $490.44. You close the laptop, grab the bag of barbecue chips and go find socks because your feet are cold.

Another good day.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie


[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:19pm]


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