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Loreal roller foundation confuses us, perhaps Eva Longoria-Parker



I was flipping through People magazine the other day to get my fill of John Edwards gossip, when I came across a photo of Eva Longoria-Parker literally PAINTING HER FACE. Here:

True match eva 

See? I didn't lie. She's pushing Loreal's new True Match Roller Foundation, and she looks very skeptical. Like, "I know I'm getting bags of money to do this, but seriously guys. What am I, a baby nursery? A sheet of drywall? A new construction housing project?"

I'm usually first in line to try wacky new makeup items. I've dabbled in the mousse foundation, the spray stuff, the mineral powder. I've traversed to Creme Blush Mountain and the foothills of Wacky Mascaraville. But this...

I mean, it's literally a tiny paint roller! Loreal says it provides more even coverage, but come on. Have you ever tried to paint things that aren't completely flat with a roller? In my household, we spent a week and 12 different brushes trying to keep our clever red paint job from rubbing off on the bumpy white popcorn ceiling. Factor in the many slopes of the face, and it spells certain disaster! How do you get around the nose? The eyelids? The ears?

I know it's not ideal for the skin, but my preferred method of foundation application is as follows: Squirt in hands, rub on face and neck.

Has anyone tried this stuff?

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Loreal

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