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Magazine Cover of Horror: Pippa Middleton



I was standing in line at CVS last night, attempting to buy a Red Bull and a set of pinch-free Goody headbands and a bottle of water, and I saw this:


Now, listen. I love a good celebrity read as much as the next functioning, entertainment-consuming human. I'd love to know what magical diet Jennifer Aniston is on to be able to pull off a leather dress like that. And, yep, Ryan Gosling pictures, bring them on.

But Pippa Middleton? UNDATEABLE? Have we officially crossed from slow cultural moral erosion to full-on shame spiral?

This woman and I are the same age, so perhaps it has struck a particularly personal chord. But as I see it, it is a sad day when you, me and all others in need of affordable sundries cannot stand in line without being made to think that a beautiful, fashionable, rail-thin British socialite who is 28-YEARS-OLD and perhaps has not found the one man with whom she wants to bear droves of children, is a dried-up, craggy, hideous heat-breathing dragon totally covered in boils and oozing green gel from her gaping, UNDATEABLE brain, a sniveling twit so horrid and unwise that she repels all men across the land and is destined to be alone, forever.



We now return to your regularly-scheduled fashion news.

Deal Diva (Soapbox) Stephanie

[Last modified: Thursday, January 5, 2012 12:50pm]


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