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Making steampunk work for you



It was only a matter of time before steampunk began creeping into mainstream fashion, bringing that creepy, old timey feel to looks you cansteampunk-robot-02.jpg actually wear in public. What's steampunk, you ask? Well, imagine you're living in Victorian times fantasizing about what the future will be like. It's part Little House On The Prairie, part Goth, part Industrial Age. Think of elaborate gadgetry that involves clock wheels and compasses, or brass antique snake jewelry, or Wild Wild West costumes combined with futuristic steam-powered bicycles with those huge wheels in the front. Got it? Great!

 Personally, I think steampunk's kinda dumb. It reminds me of Renaissance Festival. No offense to people who love Renaissance Festival, or people who love steampunk, for that matter. I just don't get into the whole fantasy dress-up, pretend-you're-living-in-the-past extreme. I also don't like Civil War re-enactments. I mean, if you do, that's cool. I guess.


But I do appreciate a quirky subgenre's influence on real-life, functional fashion thdeena-ozzy-foldover-boot-image_062710.jpgat you can wear to work without looking like a weirdo. So I'm in full approval of some of these cool pieces I'm seeing on sites like Etsy and in retail stores. I'm talking about these Deena + Ozzy foldover boots from Urban Outfitters (right) for $68. Or some of the super-cheap, antique-inspired jewelry from Forever 21.


Or this adorable navy blue trench coat (below) rom ModCloth for $79.99. The front is cool with it's double tortoiseshell buttons, but look at the back! Bows and ruffles! 


Anyway, you don't have to go whole hog with the aviation goggles and Victorian corsets and whips and chains to enjoy ye olde steampunk fashion. And if you're still confused about what exactly constitutes "steampunk," don't worry. Just go with what looks cute - from the past, present or future.

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